ARC Upmix Beta

Release Information

ARC Upmix is a piece of standalone software that takes in stereo input and virtualizes it into a 3D acoustical environment specifically designed for streaming into virtual reality via multichannel. It recreates a more enveloping and natural audio experience for listening to music content in VR. The software is designed to be as simple as possible for anyone to use while still running a powerful spatial acoustics engine in the back end.

The release includes A full comprehensive manual for setup and operation as well as access  to my research lab world for playing with it.


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Stream Immersive into VRChat

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Windows 10 Operating system, 64 bit Intel or AMD multi core processor, Intel Core i5 or better with 8gb or more of ram recommended. It will not run on 32 bit systems. Untested on Windows  11. Arc does not require an installation. It solely runs off of the resources contained in the Zip file once extracted.


ARC Upmix does not include any other pieces of software or service other than itself. To integrate a full broadcasting pipeline you will need to setup a CDN service separately and potentially purchase an audio handler software depending on what software works the best for you.