Designs to let your artists connect

Being a performer myself, I understand how creating an environment that allows a performing artist to connect with their audience is paramount in show design. It takes an artist in itself to do it and create a unique experience.

Services I provide

– Production Design and Technical Directing
– Timecode and Organized Performances
– Lighting Design and Operation
– Laser Shows
– Concert Cinematography
– Immersive Audio Integration

Highlight Projects

The Endshow 2022

The Endshow was a hard dance laser show that I produced, programed, and preformed at Anime Nebraskon held at the Mid America Center. The show consisted of over 100w of lasers with synchronized audio, lighting, and graphics via a complex timecode distribution.

_Sheltercon 3

Sheltercon 3 was the third VR / XR hybrid event for the popular virtual reality club ShelterNet held at Neo4ic in San Diego. Completely sold out it was a huge hit while Twitch con was happening down the street. I work with the team as the physical side technical director for multiple of their events.


During the height of the pandemic an online event ran by some folks I know reached out and asked if I could do a show for them. I took the opportunity to play around with timecode linking MA3 and Beyond together. Borrowing a friends garage and propane heater in the middle of a -10 degree snow storm we put this together.

Funny Rave

Funny Rave was an online music event featuring popular artists like The Living Tombstone, Silva Hound, and many more. I worked with one of the artists that goes by the name D.notive to come up with a solution that would look big on camera but be simple to setup. 1 6w laser projector and a couple static lights later gave a fantastic looking show. All of which was 100% busked

NitrowaveTC at Amsterdam Hall

Nitrowave Twin Cities is a group I regularly work with in Minneapolis. After the pandemic lifted up slightly I provided lighting for the pre-release show of D.Notives album Chimera.

BronyPaloza 2019

One of the largest events and rigs I've ever preformed at with over 10,000 attendees, I got the opportunity to be the lead lighting programmer and operator for the event. Rig consisted of over 150 fixtures and was featured in PLSN