The Future of Broadcast Concert Audio in Virtual Reality

Bring New Life to Your Performance

Arc Fields is a complete digital mixing console designed to process live immersive audio experiences for virtual reality deployment. Take individual sounds and place them in any 360 directing using a powerful object based panning system while simultaneously providing presence with the integrated spatial room acoustics engine.

Fields sounds like nothing else you have ever heard in Virtual Reality. No more 2D audio or bad sounding point sources. Create natural sounding musical experiences that leave an impression.


Intuitive Layout

Designed to function like a standard mixing console. Mix engineers will be able to pick up the controls without reading a manual.

Up to 48 Channels of Control

Build complete festival patches with 48ch of processing. Equalization, compression, limiting, aux sends, 360 spatialization and more all at your fingertips in one place.

Built in FX Engine

Purpose built effects designed to give you the creative tools needed to make something new.

Designed for Touch

Run it on a PC tablet or build out a custom setup with multiple touch screens.

Midi Control Integration

Program and control Fields with your favorite midi controller or connect it to your DAW to expand its capability's. Multiple simultaneous device support


The Next Generation Room Engine

IMCV 2.0 Is a next generation room acoustics simulation algorithm bringing powerful new features. Its deeply rooted into the entire software being able to dynamically track and modify itself based on each individual sound source position. This combined with measurements from well known concert halls creates very natural sounding environments.

2.0 also introduces new concepts of control including spatial attenuation shading, frequency shading, predelay shading, for both relative to object positions or statically in the room. This allows engineers to take advantage of perceptual separation so you can create extremely tight mixes while still keeping a significant amount of energy in the room.

All of these features combined into one place will make it one of the most if not the most spatially flexible acoustics engines in the market.


Field Control Groups

Control not only group attenuation but dynamically modify multiple object positions with one parameter

Multiple Configurations to Fit Every Event Shape and Size

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Fields 8

The most accessible purpose built spatial encoder on the market. Get access to 8 channels of immersive processing with Fields IMCV Room acoustics engine for just a few dollars on patron.

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Fields 32

Run full sized shows with 36 channels of immersive processing. something balb bla bla bla omg this is so cool this is just place holder test

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Fields 48

A full 48 channels of individual spatialization gives mix engineers a complete solution for high channel count festival patches.

Deploy it with external channel strip processing or a dedicated audio console.


Developed From Extensive Research

This project is more than 2 years in the making with a lot of thought and effort behind it. Inside of Virtual Reality the rules are very different because the physical physics limitations of real spaces no longer exist. We can get away with a lot more and create "better than real life" sounding environments.

That's what makes fields different. Its not designed with the intention of its output to be played in a movie theater or concert hall where different methods are deployed to navigate around physical limitations.

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Tested reliable in multiple deployments

Fields has already been experimentally deployed into multiple events including Magfest 2023 for stability testing. So far it has never crashed while deployed and been able to run a session more than 5 months without a restart. This actually makes it more reliable than some widely used industry recognized hardware!

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Prefabs and Pipelines

Setting up a broadcast solution and pipeline can be difficult and complicated. Included with Fields is all the documentation you need to know to get started with your first stream. It also will include prefabs for popular games like VRChat allowing for easy setup. Do note that Fields is does not include a CDN or intermediate audio router for bridging audio between software applications.

Support the Project

Immersive for the Masses

I want this to be the most accessible piece of immersive audio software in the world. For every musician, producer, DJ, mix engineer, and artist, Lets build a new form of digital art. No proprietary file formats that require expensive licenses. No hardware locking of playback capability.

Created By a VR Nerd for VR Nerds

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What's the current state of this project?

Fields is currently deep In closed alpha development. While It currently functions on a level where it can be deployed at a show, It is not ready to be distributed yet as its a prototype. The best way to support getting this project released as fast as possible is through patron. If you have an event of interest that wants to test it out, contact me through the contact page, twitter or patron.


Support and get access to the project creation on patron