ARC Upmix

ARC Upmix is a piece of standalone software that takes in stereo input and virtualizes it into a 3D acoustical environment specifically designed for streaming into virtual reality via multichannel. It recreates a more enveloping and natural audio experience for listening to music content in VR. The software is designed to be as simple as possible for anyone to use while still running a powerful spatial acoustics engine in the back end.

Stream Immersive into Virtual Reality

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Used by some of the largest events in VRChat

ARC Upmix was originally designed and deployed for an underground event called ShelterNet that regularly occurs on VRChat.

IMCV 1.1 Room Engine

There's a lot of reverb plugins out there in the world but 99% of them are designed to work in a mono or stereo workflow. In Virtual Reality we are no longer limited to 0 and 1 dimension reverbs.

The heart of Arc is the immersive spatial convolution system (IMCV). IMCV 1.1 is a non discreetly encoded 3 dimensional acoustic system that emulates the sound of placing a stereo source inside a real space. It's designed to sound like an ideal music venue bringing back some of the liveness of a real show.

Technical Specifications

Upmix is compiled to run on Windows 10. Note that In order to use the software as intended you will need to setup a custom multichannel audio processing broadcast pipeline which requires additional not included software and a CDN that is capable of pushing multichannel like VRCDN. A full comprehensive manual is included on how to set this up and use the software. Setting up the pipeline can be challenging as windows audio likes to be finicky so be prepared to experiment.


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