Project Stardesk

Announcements coming soon

Stardesk is a prototype project for an all in one laser control console solution designed for Beyond. Prototype is currently being built, Design will be officially announced once it is publicly ready. Project has slowed due to COVID but it is almost ready.

Project EVE1


Project EVE is a personal engineering concept project I did while in university. The idea was to dive into wave front manipulation for the purposes of creating more high fedelity line sources which could be made into a product for the entertainment industry.

During this period I worked on initial design and optimization of a linear arrayed PA system from scratch. Using information from Audio Engineering Society, FEA and BEA modeling in Comsol Multiphysics, and anechoic chamber testing, I was able to reproduce 2 functioning line source prototype cabinets.

In the future

As of now the project is on hold due to no longer having access to the tools needed to further the design. Comsol Multiphysics is not a cheep software haha. But I hope to one day finish the project into a functioning product. I have numerous new design implementations that no other manufacturer has used yet that I want to implement and experiment with. Playing with directionality of wave propagation is something I really enjoy.

If your interested in my work reach out to me!

Research Presentation

During my work on this project at Iowa State University I gave a presentation over the full details. If your interested in seeing it for research purposes contact me for more info.